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Every Coin Master player really wants those rare cards, especially the Joker cards. Are you wondering how to get them? Well, today you’re in luck because you’re going to find out.

Cards are super important in Coin Master because they’re the way players can win thousands of free spins and coins. But putting together a complete card set? That’s tough!

Why won’t anyone give or trade their rare cards? They’re just too valuable. However, there’s a secret to getting these rare cards on your own: the Joker card is your golden ticket.

We’re going into how you can get your hands on Joker cards and the best ways to use them. So, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into it!

What is the Coin Master Joker Card

coin master joker card

Simply put, a joker card is like a magic card that you can turn into any rare card you need. Let’s say you’ve collected 4 out of 5 cards to complete a card set, but the last one you need is a gold card, which is really hard to find. If you have a joker card, you’re in luck because you can change that joker card into the gold card you need.

So, a joker card is very special because it gives you the power to complete your card set by turning it into any missing card. This flexibility is what makes the joker card so valuable in Coin Master.

How to Get a Joker Card

Getting a Joker card in Coin Master is pretty rare, but there are tips to increase your chances of getting one. Generally, there are two ways to find a Joker card:

  1. Special Events: Joker cards are often rewards in special events within the game. If you’re familiar with how these events work and participate in them, you have a chance to win a Joker card.
  2. Buying Chests: The other way to get a Joker card is by purchasing chests in the game.

While we won’t go into detail about special events right now, there is a useful tip for buying chests that might help you get a Joker card. By strategically purchasing chests during certain times or events, you can increase your odds of finding that elusive Joker card.

How to convert a Joker card

coin master joker card

In Coin Master, you have the option to buy chests in every village, but your chances of getting rare items, including the Joker card, are higher when you buy chests in boom-level villages. Boom-level villages are special levels in the game where the likelihood of finding rare items is significantly increased.

However, not all chests are created equal. If you’re aiming for rare items, you should consider investing in premium chests. These chests have a higher probability of containing rare and valuable items compared to the standard ones.

Let me break down the types of chests available in Coin Master, so you can make an informed decision on which ones to buy:

  1. Wooden Chest: The most basic chest with a lower chance of rare items.
  2. Golden Chest: Offers better rewards than the Wooden Chest and a moderate chance for rare items.
  3. Magical Chest: Higher chances of containing rare items, including gold cards and occasionally, Joker cards.
  4. Mystery Chest: Contains a mix of items with varying probabilities for rare items.
  5. Valentine’s Chest: A special chest available during specific events, often containing unique rewards.
  6. Premium Chest: The best option for those specifically hunting for rare items like the Joker card.
ChestsChance by %
Black Friday Royal Chest20.00%
Cyber Crown Chest7.14%
Big Circus Chest6.60%
Foxy Chest5.00%
Dragon Chest5.00%
Carnival Chest5.00%
Labor Day Party Chest5.00%
Big Wild Chest4.00%
Spring Surprise Chest4.00%
Fireworks Chest4.00%
Galaxy Gold Chest4.00%
Golden Halloween Chest4.00%
Gold Medal Chest3.33%
Small Circus Chest3.20%
Rhino Chest3.20%
Labor Day Chest3.20%
Tiger Chest2.45%
Sunshine Chest2.45%
Wild Chest2.45%
Red Crown Chest2.40%
Small Wild Chest2.40%
Eighties Chest2.40%
Cyber Monday Chest2.40%
Fiesta Chest2.40%
4th of July Chest2.40%
Ancient Egypt Chest1.80%
Sixties Chest1.60%
Chinese New Year Chest1.50%
Surprise Chest1.50%
Halloween Spook Chest1.50%
Golden Trunk Chest1.25%
Lucky Silver Chest1.25%
Lucky Gold Chest1.00%
Purple Crystal Chest1.00%
Travel Chest1.00%
Big in Japan Chest1.00%
Magical Map Chest1.00%
Baseball Chest1.00%
Enchanted Evil Chest1.00%
Santa Stamp Chest1.00%

Choosing the right chest to buy, especially during boom-level villages, can significantly increase your chances of obtaining rare items, including the much-desired Joker card in Coin Master.

Once you’ve managed to get a Joker card, which is no small feat, the next step is to use it effectively. Let’s revisit the earlier example where you need a golden card to complete your card set.

Here’s how to use the Joker card to get that golden card:

  1. Tap on the card icon located at the bottom of your Coin Master screen to open your card collection.
  2. Browse through your collection and select the golden card that you’re missing.
  3. After selecting the golden card, you should see a confirmation message pop up.
  4. Confirm your choice by clicking ‘Yes’ on this message.

Once you’ve done this, the Joker card will transform into the golden card you need. This process turns your Joker card into any card you’re missing, helping you complete your sets and advance in the game.


Getting a Joker card in Coin Master is tough. You need to stay in boom villages and buy lots of chests to find one. Once you have a Joker card, save it for when it’s really needed to complete a card set. If you have questions about the Joker card or Coin Master, feel free to ask for help.


What is a Joker card in Coin Master?

A Joker card in Coin Master is a special card that can be turned into any card you need, including rare and gold cards. It’s one of the most valuable cards because it helps complete your card collections.

How can I get a Joker card in Coin Master?

You can get a Joker card mainly through participating in events and buying chests, especially during boom levels in the game. While it’s rare, consistently playing and investing in chests increases your chances of obtaining one.

When should I use my Joker card?

It’s best to use your Joker card when you’re close to completing a card set but are missing a rare or gold card. Save it for these crucial moments to make the most of its unique ability.

Can I trade Joker cards with friends in Coin Master?

No, Joker cards are not tradable in Coin Master. They are unique to your account and can only be used by you to complete your card sets.

Are Joker cards always available in Coin Master?

No, Joker cards are not always available. They are typically offered during special events or found in chests during specific times. Keep an eye on in-game events and promotions to increase your chances of getting a Joker card.

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