Coin Master Pets: Your Key to Advanced Gameplay and Higher Rewards

There are so many people playing Coin Master around the world, but not many know how to really use the pets in the game the right way. If you’re reading this, it means you really care about Coin Master and want to use your pets to get more rewards and keep your village safe.

Coin Master Pets

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In Coin Master, there are three pets, each with its own special ability that can enhance your gameplay.


Foxy is the raid master and the first pet you’ll unlock in the game. When you go raiding with Foxy, she can boost the amount of coins you raid by up to 106%. That’s a huge increase, making your raids much more profitable!


Tiger is the attack master. Using Tiger during your attacks can earn you extra coins. Plus, Tiger makes your attacks 410% stronger than usual, which means you can cause more damage and get more coins in the process.


Rhino is the defense master, protecting your village from attacks with a 70% shield rate. It’s a good idea to activate Rhino when you’re building your villages or when you’re not playing. This way, your village stays safer from enemy attacks.

How to unlock coin master pets.

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In Coin Master, unlocking pets isn’t just a random event; there are specific requirements you need to meet. Foxy is the first pet you can unlock, and you can do so when you reach Village 4. Foxy is the easiest to unlock because simply arriving at Village 4 automatically unlocks this pet.

However, unlocking Tiger is a bit more challenging. To get Tiger, you need to complete the Beast card collection set. Similarly, to unlock Rhino, you must complete the Creature card collection set. So, to get these pets, you’ll need to focus on gathering and completing these specific card sets.

Wake Your Pets

To benefit from your Coin Master pets, you first need to wake them up by feeding them. So, where do you get the pet food? You can either buy it or get it for free. For free pet food, you can earn it through events, by completing card sets, or from slot machine spins.

Typically, one pet food item keeps your pet active for about 15 minutes. The more food you give them, the longer they stay active. You can keep your pets active for up to four hours at a stretch.

Now that we know how to get and use pet food, let’s take a closer look at each pet and their abilities.

Foxy Levels

Foxy is a popular pet among Coin Master players. When you upgrade Foxy with XP (experience points), you increase its level, which in turn boosts the rewards you get from raids. Below, we’ve listed the levels at which Foxy provides the maximum rewards, helping you plan your upgrades for the best raiding results.

  1. Level 1: 16% bounce
  2. Level 18: 50% bounce
  3. Level 56: 90% bounce
  4. Level 100: 100% bounce
  5. Level 169: 105% bounce
  6. Level 256: 110% bounce
  7. Level 400: 119% bounce

Tiger Levels

Tiger is the attacking pet in Coin Master, rewarding you with coins for every attack you make while it’s active. Since attacks happen more frequently than raids, having Tiger as your active pet can be very beneficial. However, before you can activate Tiger, you need to unlock it by completing the Beast card collection.

We’ve compiled a list that shows the bonuses Tiger provides at each level. This information can help you understand how much more you can benefit from attacks as you upgrade Tiger’s level.

  1. Level 1: 60% bounce
  2. Level 21: 200% bounce
  3. Level 80: 300% bounce
  4. Level 181: 400% bounce
  5. Level 300: 417% bounce

Rhino Levels

Rhino acts as the defender of your village in Coin Master. However, to enhance your defense, you need to level up Rhino. At level 1, Rhino provides only 10% defense, but as you reach level 200, it offers up to 70% defense. For a detailed view of how Rhino’s defense capabilities improve with each level, you can check out the complete list we have shared below.

  1. Level 1: 10% defense
  2. Level 39: 50% defense
  3. Level 49: 60% defense
  4. Level 120: 70% defense
  5. Level 200: 70% defense

Which pet to use in coin master

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If you ask Coin Master players about their favorite pet, many will say Foxy. It’s a popular choice because it’s easy to unlock and quick to upgrade.

However, in 2024, the game has changed, and now you can use more than one pet at the same time. We’re not here to tell you which pet you should use, but Foxy could be a great default choice given its benefits. It really depends on your strategy and playing style. Let us know in the comments which pet you prefer using in Coin Master!

FAQs on Coin Master Pets

What are pets in Coin Master?

Pets in Coin Master are special companions that help you get extra benefits like more coins, better defense, and extra rewards during raids.

How many types of pets are there in Coin Master?

There are three main pets in Coin Master: Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino, each with unique abilities to aid in raids, attacks, and defense.

How do I unlock pets in Coin Master?

Foxy is unlocked at Village 4, Tiger is unlocked by completing the Beast card collection, and Rhino is unlocked through the Creature card collection.

How do I use pets in Coin Master?

Activate a pet by feeding it pet food, which keeps it active and allows you to benefit from its abilities for a certain period.

Can I use more than one pet at a time in Coin Master?

As of 2024, you can use more than one pet at the same time in Coin Master, maximizing your advantages in the game.

How do I get pet food in Coin Master?

Pet food can be purchased, won from slot machines, or obtained through events and completing card sets in the game.

Which pet should I use in Coin Master?

The choice of pet depends on your game strategy; Foxy is great for raiding, Tiger boosts your attacks, and Rhino defends your village. You can choose based on your immediate game needs.

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