Coin Master Magic Trail Event | A Complete Guide

Coin Master started a new event in November 2023 called Magic Trail. If you’ve played Pet Master, another game by the same company, Moon Active, you might already know this event. It’s been in Pet Master for a while, and now it’s in Coin Master too.

If this is your first time hearing about the Magic Trail, don’t worry. You’re in the right place to learn about it. This guide will explain everything you need to know to play the Magic Trail event.

Keep reading to find out all about this extra event. But before we get into it, remember to grab your daily Coin Master free spins and read out the coin master tips and tricks, and Coin master event guides we’ve shared on this blog to help you out.

What is Coin Master Magic Trail Event

coin master magic trail event

The Magic Trail is a side event in Coin Master that goes on for five days. During this time, you can win a bunch of rewards. The event is all about spinning wheels and grabbing the trail treasure box. But remember, to spin the wheel, you need tokens.

How to Play Magic Trail Event

To participate in the Magic Trail event in Coin Master, players need tokens. You can get these tokens from other events or buy them. Once you have your tokens, you’re ready to spin the wheel. This wheel has numbers on it, and these numbers show how many steps your character, Piggy, will move on the track. For example, if you spin the wheel and land on 15, Piggy moves forward 15 steps.

Your goal is to move along the track to reach the grand prize, which will require quite a few tokens and a bit of luck. To really get the hang of the Magic Trail event, you should understand three key parts: the wheel, the track, and the trail treasure box map.

The Wheel on The Magic Trail Event

The wheel in the Magic Trail event has numbers ranging from 1 to 250. As mentioned before, these numbers represent the steps you’ll take on the track. Besides these numbers, there’s a special option on the wheel called “bounce 5x.” If a player lands on this option, they get to spin the wheel five more times for free. This bonus can help players advance more quickly on the track towards the grand prize.

Tracks on Magic Trial Event

When you spin the wheel and land on a number, your character, Piggy, will move that many steps on the track. Along the track, you can find various rewards like tokens, gems, and spins. In the first 300 to 400 steps, you’ll mainly encounter tokens and gems, along with double points and the trail treasure box. Double points are crucial because they can double your steps. For instance, if you spin a 15, Piggy moves forward 15 steps and, if it lands on a double point, it will move another 15 steps.

As you advance to 300-400 steps on the track, you can win up to 100-500 spins, in addition to gems, tokens, and the trail treasure box. However, to claim these rewards, Piggy must land exactly on the tile with the reward. Simply passing over it won’t give you anything. For example, if Piggy moves 10 steps and the 9th step has a reward of 500 spins, you won’t win the spins because Piggy stopped at the 10th step. But if you hit a 9 on the wheel and Piggy lands exactly on that 9th step, you’ll get the reward. This rule applies to all rewards on the track, including the trail treasure box.

Trail Treasure Box Map

On the right side of the screen, there’s a map showing the trail to the treasure box. Players need to move along this path to reach the treasure box. This box is filled with ultimate rewards, including 100 to 1000 spins, XP, and other exciting prizes. To claim the grand prize, which can be as much as 30,000 spins, players must travel to the end of the trail.

However, even if a player doesn’t make it all the way to the grand prize, they can still keep all the rewards they’ve earned along the way. So, every step forward on the trail brings players closer to valuable prizes, with the potential of hitting that massive jackpot of spins if they reach the end.


To wrap it up, the Magic Trail event in Coin Master is a fun way to get lots of rewards like spins, XP, and gems. By spinning the wheel and moving along the path, you can pick up lots of cool stuff and maybe even win the big prize of 30,000 spins. Make sure to use the “bounce 5x” chance to go further and even if you don’t get to the very end, you still get to keep all the prizes you collected on the way. So, spin smartly and enjoy the journey to grab as many treasures as you can!


What is the Magic Trail event in Coin Master?

It’s a special event where you spin a wheel to move along a path and collect rewards like spins and coins.

How do I play the Magic Trail event?

You need tokens to spin the wheel, which moves your character along the trail to collect treasures.

Where do I get tokens for the Magic Trail?

You can earn tokens from other events in Coin Master or buy them.

What can I win in the Magic Trail event?

You can win spins, XP, gems, and other rewards. The big prize is up to 30,000 spins.

What does ‘bounce 5x’ mean on the wheel?

It means you get to spin the wheel five more times for free, helping you move further along the trail.

Do I keep my prizes if I don’t finish the trail?

Yes, you keep whatever prizes you collect, even if you don’t reach the end of the trail.

How long does the Magic Trail event last?

The event lasts for five days.

What happens if I land on a double point on the wheel?

If you land on a double point, your character will move double the number of steps on your next spin, helping you advance faster.

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